Saturday, April 4, 2009

KC's Very Own: The Roasterie

   These three pieces are for an ad campaign for The Roasterie located in Kansas City MO. I worked on this project in my Advanced Advertising Strategies class. As a class we formed our own agency to research, concept, develop, and present advertising strategies to them. 
    We presented the campaign concepts and company analysis to a group of seven, including the owner and marketing director. They were able to implement several of our suggestions. 
    The work you see here are three mock magazine ads for one of our campaign ides titled: "Which Bean are you?" The idea is that with the variety of specialty coffee blends they are categorized. The idea is that every situation and feeling provides the need for a different coffee to properly compliment that situation. 
   I was involved in this creative group, the presentation team, and the company analysis team. In all ways we had experience and helped in the entire process. We were able to help with their website usability, some SEO, and suggestions in any and all information we found.
   This was a wonderful experience and I couldn't even start to thank everyone enough for the good times. However I would like to thank our professor Jacquie for always being there to help. Kevin Fullerton of Springboard Creative for being our link between the class and the client. Thanks for your trust in us as a class agency and all your hard work and time. It is greatly appreciated. And last but, certainly not least thanks to The Roasterie. It was a pleasure to work with you and thanks for all your help and patience with us. From the baristas to the main man himself Danny. Jason Burton thanks for being our main source of contact and information. It was great getting to know you and work with you.         And of course thanks to everybody that was in this class with myself. As an agency it was great to see what we started with to what we ended with. All the late nights, coffee testings, and last minute issues and changes really gave us all some professional experience. I learned so much in that one semester. Thank you so much!

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